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Air Freights are now all time high. What is the reason?

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

NEWS ALERT Air Freights are now all-time high, what is the reason? Shippers are trying to avoid clogged ports, which is adding further pressure on-air capacity and pushing up rates, especially for Asia, but new data showing demand plateaued in October reinforces evidence that the traditional busy shipping season started earlier than normal. Slower factory production in China, as well as ocean shipping disruptions, have forced more retailers and manufacturers to rush towards air shipments since July. Flights with exports from Asia were full in October, hiking the price of shipping to Europe. Lack of capacity from reduced passenger flights due to the pandemic has made space difficult to find, freight experts say. COVID restrictions at certain airports have reduced labor available to load and unload planes, further constraining air capacity and increasing prices. Follow us & Stay tuned for News Updates

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