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Afghanistan Exported 1.8 Billion of goods.

Afghanistan Exported $1.8 Billion in Goods in Past 7 Months

Afghanistan has exported goods to Pakistan, India, Iran, China, UAE, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Iraq.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Akhundzada Abdul Salam Jawad, said that most of the exports went to Pakistan, India, Tajikistan, and China.

“We are trying to increase our exports this year from the previous years,” he said.

According to the ministry’s statistics, nearly $744 million worth of goods have been exported just to Pakistan. 

The Afghanistan-Pakistan Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that the exports with Pakistan have doubled.

“Compared to last year, exports have doubled, especially coal and fruits,” said the head of the joint chamber, Naqibullah Safi.

Meanwhile, some traders believe that the use of air-corridors will pave the way for an increase of Afghanistan’s exports.It has been one year since the air-corridors have closed. Prior to that, exports were made via air-corridor to China, UAE, Tajikistan and Central Asia.

The carpets have not yet been exported in a proper way. The reason for this is that regular advertising and marketing have not been done so that the carpets can find a market in China.

Carpets, dried and fresh fruits, vegetables, coal, medicinal plants and semi-precious stones are the main exported goods

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