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Why a forwarder should be used in International Shipping?

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

As consignee and shippers find new ways to tackle logistical problems that are common in the process of international transport, the role of a freight forwarder is essential then ever before. Below write up points our some key benefits of using a freight expert rather than planning all yourself.

Improved flexibility of operations:

Freight forwarders are adapted to handle all intricacies of the industry. They can provide you with added information as it comes in. For instance, they update you regarding space availability and missed opportunities. You can then plan your cargo to meet customers demand in the most efficient way possible. Businesses that have worked with freight forwarders have recorded improved productivity and profitability.

While penetrating in to a new sector, many shippers make mistake of avoiding freight forwarder because they simply do not understand how the industry works. An experienced freight forwarder will pinpoint your needs and link you to the right places in the supply chain. You will therefore make less mistakes and experience fewer beginner problems when you work with a freight forwarder.

It is cost-effective to hire a freight forwarder

The use of freight forwarding services saves money on shipments because of the discounts offered on bulk shipments. A single customer rarely takes up bulky spaces and will not access these discounts. Moreover, further, a forwarder can negotiate goods terms with carrier (shipping line)

Experienced freight professionals give you insights about negotiations and potential benefits for your client category. They will discuss issues such as port chargers, insurance, and fees. You may even share this information with the end customer that will eventually take delivery of the cargo.

Wrapping up

Freight forwarding services are an essential aspect of shipping. They help you access vital information and contacts which you can leverage when negotiating the price of your shipping activities. Freight forwarders are also well-versed in the intricate procedures of shipping and will help make your life easier in terms of getting your goods to the right customers at the right time. It is advisable to invest in hiring a good freight forwarding company to support your business particularly if you are penetrating new markets.

There is less hassle when you use freight forwarders

A freight forwarder can easily deal with customs and the officials that run that service. In many cases, customs and excise rules are complicated. The staff may be unhelpful to individual customers, but they are likely to have a better relationship with longstanding freight forwarders. This is a particularly important advantage when shipping to many different countries with a diverse range of legal and regulatory regimes. In addition, you are unlikely to make costly mistakes with the paperwork when working with a freight forwarder.

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