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Why Carry Service do not work out

IF you are facing extreme loss in business due to delayed consignment? You must be using carry /Per KG service!!

Why a Per KG rate or carry service does not always work out??

Being an importer from China, you might have come across a situation where a cargo agent ( carry service) provider does not commit to per kg rate previously agreed. There are numerous reasons for that and below are some important ones:

1) Taxes have gone up on your particular commodity 2) Freight has increased dramatically

Carry service is an inefficient way of importing goods into Pakistan. As it is not imported under your own license and most of the times cargo agents do not usually provide Goods declaration ( GD copy) so you could know how much were the actual taxes. Even if they provide you the actual GD it is hard to assess the tax of your commodity as they import one full 1x40 HC container.

Apart from that, carry service is slow, the average time it takes for your goods to be here in Pakistan is 3 months to 4 months. Hence if you are an importer that needs the goods in a certain time frame then you are in trouble.

Our advice: We understand that carry service( per kg warehouse) has been used by importers in Pakistan for a while now and people got used to it, a however current record high level freights and delays in carrying cargo making it an inefficient way of importing goods from China.

We advise our clients to have their own weboc ID and more it on LCL ( consolidation) service where you can have accurate cost prediction and maximum transit time on 30-35 days.

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