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Customs Clearence WITH  -EASE AND SPEED

What we can offer?

Customs Clearence is a very complex area of logistics. In-experienced GD filing may lead to penalties and customs authorities detaining your staff. Catalyst has In-house Customs Clearence staff with more than 35 years of experience in the local industry.

We can handle all customs formalities through our links in the Customs House (WEBOC)   enabling us to access data bases of Pakistan and provide you best sourcing information.

Best Customs Clearing agent

Here is what you will get:

  • Consultation on Customs Procedures, 

  • PCT Consultation on what PCT to declare on Invoice and packing list/BL to avoid any delays.

  • Tariff advice –with over 35 years of experience in dealing with Customs. We are proud to give exact charges involved in the transition of your goods across coutries.

These value added services help our clients to become competitive and plan ahead on their potential expenses.

How  it will work?

Once we get an enquiry from you, our Customs Clearence staff will get in touch with you to closely analyse your shipment needs and guide you over the taxes that will be charged by  Pakistan Customs once we make Goods declaration. 
A proper pre-shipment consulting is provided free of cost to avoid any penalties and delays that may result in delays (increased demurrage) and customs detaining your cargo. 

What we want you to do:

All we need from you is to fill out the form below.

Air Freight with ease and peace 


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