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Nine Vessels Confiscated by The government.

A session of the National Assembly’s standing committee of food security ended in a fiasco after exchange of harsh words between the Minister of National Food Security and representative of soyabean importers on Wednesday.

Food Security Minister Tariq Bashir Cheema said that the import of genetically modified soyabean is not allowed in Pakistan. “Nine vessels with GMO soyabean cargo have been ceased over illegal cargo,” minister said.

“Customs Intelligence has ceased ships. We could not be part of any illegal practice,” Cheema stressed. “GMO soyabean causes cancer thus its import has not been allowed,” he further said.

“Only import of non-GMO soyabean has been allowed. US ambassador had also called on me for clearance of soyabean vessels,” food minister said. “Give one-time clearance to soyabean vessels,” he asked. “How can Pakistan allow a thing, which has been banned in the USA,” minister said.

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