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A Revolution for International Traders??

What is Pakistan Single Window??

Pakistan Single window is a no doubt a beneficial project combining around 49 Government divisions. The process of adding various departments is gradual and will be taking some time. It is a well integrated ERP combining each and every department that regulates/ involved in the process of import and export.

Registration on PSW:

Already registered traders/Clearing agents will need to register in PSW. It is very easy to register on PSW and far more easy than registering a Weboc ID. It was actually a very lengthy procedure.

All you need is an EMAIL ADDESS, CNIC AND CELL NUMBER TO REGISTER and a fee 500 rupees. The payment will be reflect that as soon as the payment is made and then you can start using PSW. The registration process has already been started from 10th of June.


The whole notion of PSW is to make trade more efficient and cost effective for international traders. As the average time it takes to process international traders to process their shipments was far more higher that other countries.

1) Elimination of Form E and EIF form

Yes you heard it right, now through PSW you wont need to go to banks for issuing e form and EIF and it will be updated in real times saving you from all the hassle and shipment delays.


It is a well integrated ERP, where all government departments, be it Department of Plant protection, PTA, FBR will be providing their relevant documents through this. This import we don’t need to rush towards various departments to gather import permits, NOCs and other certificates that is required for import or export.


Another worth noticing feature is that containers will only be examined once at ports, and all authorities should utilize that to examine the. Currently examination process is very tedious where a container is opened several times( one time by examiner, later by ANF Authorities ect.)

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