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Maersk in to Air Cargo

Maersk, the name we know as shipping giant, has launched a new cargo airline to better meet customer’s needs. It has been announced that it will be joining a growing number of private sector companies which are investing in their own aircraft. Maersk is seeking to expand into more integrated logistics solutions amid the challenges they are experiencing.

Maersk is looking to alleviate ongoing supply chain issues and provide options with the launch.

The launch is a surprise as air cargo companies are already experiencing challenges like Capacity limitations, long delivery times, and supply chain disruptions. Further investment in own aircrafts and infrastructure, Maersk is looking to provide a more seamless and efficient experience for its customers.

Maersk has read its customer base well and determined that customers will not be satisfied without this type of service. We have seen the same trend developing for other huge companies like Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart, and others, who have

The move is almost certainly to remake a big component of logistics, as Maersk is one of the largest and leading shipping carriers globally. The fleet is partially owned and partially leased, allowing Maersk to further transition into the air business.

Maersk Air Cargo aims to be partially operational by the second half of 2022 and scale up between then and 2024, when it should be fully operational.

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