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Who is A forwarder?

As a business, or a manufacture it is vital to ship your products internationally and go global. Every one has a dream of doing that. However, there is a strict adherence to international laws and complexity involved in doing so. The paper and documentation involved is quite complicated. Not only that, the process of shipping in itself is complicated that requires coordination and handling multiple parties, shipping lines, customs agents and trucking companies.

All this seems to daunting and results in companies diverging from their core speciality of manufacturing and production. This is where fright forwarders comes in to play.

A freight forwarder is an expert that that specializes in arranging the shipment, assisting in completion of documents and keeping the shipper/consignee well-informed of rules and regulations that might affect their shipment. From negotiating best freight with shipping lines to arranging warehouses spaces for your products they provide end-to-end solutions for your shipments.

In short, freight forwarder actually arranges import and export on your behalf. They could be owning their own containers(NVOCC), ships, trucks and delivery vehicles.

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